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Helping California non-profits establish themselves and succeed, backed by licensed tax attorneys, CPAs, and superior customer service


Ready to launch your non-profit? The success of any 501c3 organization begins at the drawing board! Our team of non-profit tax specialists are ready to help you plan and establish your non-profit vision.


Is your non-profit in compliance? From tax prep and accounting, to audits and compliance reviews, our team of CPAs and Accountants are at your service for all your non-profit tax and accounting obligations.


We cater to a variety of different non-profit entities in California including Churches/Faith Based Groups, Youth Programs, Poverty Relief & Support, Animal Rescues, Educational Outreach, Scholarship Foundations, and beyond!


Operating within a strict budget is crucial for any non-profit. We work with current and aspiring non-profits to offer all-inclusive packages that fit almost any budget. We custom-build our services and pricing to be compatible with your non-profit goals.

Who We Are

Pure Tax Non-Profit Solutions, a division of Pure Tax Resolution, is a professional tax resolution and management firm built on results and customer service.  What sets us apart from other firms that offer non-profit tax and consulting services is our licensed team of Tax Attorneys, CPAs, and Accountants that provide a legal advantage to our non-profit clients.  Having the exclusive privilege to communicate with the IRS and State of California Treasury gives our non-profit clients peace of mind, ensuring all of their legal and tax obligations are in compliance.

We are here to provide California non-profits all-inclusive and affordable planning, tax preparation, compliance, and bookkeeping solutions all under one roof.  From filing for 501c3 status with the State and IRS, to managing expenses and tax filing, the success of your non-profit organization is our top priority.  We offer free consultations and are proud to serve non-profit organizations of all shapes and sizes in California. We look forward to helping your non-profit succeed!

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